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American Boomtown! Sky-high Wages!
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Sometimes Women Must Fight Man's Fire with Fire of Their Own

by Joan E Thurman

September 21, 2017. In the final analysis, there is only one way for a woman to defend herself against a man intent upon harassment, humiliation, and even forced acts of sex upon her. These kinds of hooligans haven't progressed much beyond the stone age, and for these types the only way is to fight fire with fire. Although I swore I'd never do it, I have been looking over various weapons of self defense that are easily concealed, non-lethal, and allow a girl sufficient time to get help.

Ris Puddic forto Svellan Gudrun

by Joan E Thurman

When some single working women of the 21st-century come home at the end of the day, it is to an empty space. She never was the type to take whatever she could get, so now she makes whatever she gets for herself.

Presently she takes comfort. A bowl of rice pudding ringed with cherries waits for her in the coolest place she knows. She does not gobble it down. Instead, she licks each dip of pudding from the spoon, first back and then front, languorously, until the metal shines.

Training a Young, Affluent Man to Be an Obedient Husband: Part II

by Joan E Thurman (now with less filth!)

He must have more than good looks. He also needs:
  • a certified 2.5 carat diamond engagement ring on my finger; 
  • a dowry of seven figures made over to me (Certificates of Deposit only);
  • a minimum of $150,000 cash to cover the expenses of our wedding ceremony and reception, planned by me and to include gifts to our guests which will never be tossed, but handed down as family heirlooms for generations.

Strong Women on Pink Harleys--Hooray for Female Grace!

by Joan E Thurman
Cristina Swinton and Her Pink 1967 Harley-Davison 

Bob Barker Says Lucy Is the Poorest Elephant in the World

Is A Solitary Female Member of a Different Species, Captive Against the Law and Nature, Worth Your Concern?

"When you get to the bottom of it, it is always greed"--to paraphrase Bob Barker's statement in a Toronto Star interview given after his failure to help Lucy the Elephant retire from the Edmonton Valley Zoo in Alberta, Canada. In 2009 animal activist Bob Barker tried to purchase and retire the long-solitary elephant star of a radically off-climate zoo.

Bob offered money to purchase, treat, and retire to sanctuary Lucy the painting, harmonica playing pachyderm after 40 years of service--in order to send her to warmth and reelephantation. He was refused on all counts. Lucy has spent her life in servitude, beginning at age 2. She will be 43 in May of 2018.

Disarming Your Hostile Future Mother-in-law with a Great Pumpkin Pie

by Joan E Thurman
1015-11-11. Sooner or later, it comes to down to this, Sisters. At some point during the courting phase of your relationship, it will become necessary that you, the prospective wife of a well-favored rich male, demonstrate to his--mmm, mother, and assembled family--that not only are you the most attractive, smartest woman that her son has ever fallen in love with, you are an excellent cook and exceedingly gracious too.

Men Are the True Whores!

Me llamo Joan E. No soy una puta. Los hombres son los putos.
By Joan E Thurman
for sisters, mothers. aunts, neices, daughters and women and grls everywhere
These women would not be selling sex
if men were not buying it.
My name is Joan E Thurman. I had a typical American girlhood. I made a lot of mistakes. My later, more successful experiences in the kitchen--and also, wrestling in the backseats of cars--may help you avoid bad choices.

Colleen Collins (of the Dead wyreS) Bemoans Coerced Abortion

by Joan E Thurman

I was surprised to see my old high-school friend Colleen Collins in a pop-music video singing a song called "Luv in Pieces." I was shocked, because Cat (that's what her friends call her) has always been a staunch Women's Supremacist, and the music sounded . . . a little girlish. However, when I analyzed the lyrics, I realized Cat is still telling it like it is--men exploiting women, and then forcing abortions on them--and burying all emotions over the thrown-away life. Notice the symbology of the egg, the digging, and the old farmer. In so many sung syllables: men still seduce women, impregnate them, commit feticide, and then throw away the mother too. Same old inferior male behavior! Here are the song's words:

Luvin' pee sis, that's the love you gave to me
Bits and pee sis, parts of you owned all of me
(Now I see)
All that waiting for a stolen piece of time
I was hating what I knew you had in mind

Once you took a farmer's daughter
Did you drown her in some waters?

Halting Sexual Predation of Women: 3 Stories from Joan E Thurman

by Joan E Thurman (now with less filth! and more whisking!)

2015-3-1 To attract the interest of the opposite sex, all a woman need do is place a finger in her mouth. In my latest banner above, I am doing just that. Although I admit the photo was staged, in the real world I might have been licking the herbs, spice, and greasy remnants of the Colonel's secret recipe from my sticky fingers. 

Killing Your Prick-of-a-Hubby with Hammy, Mammy

How's your love-life, Married Ladies? 
by Joan E Thurman

2013-06-06. Girlfriends, have you ever seen, heard, and smelt a truckload of pigs on their way to the house of slaughter?--a hundred unwashed swine squeezed closely together, squealing and incontinent from terror, their pink noses poking through bars of a death-wagon driven by some grinning, idiotic human male--who watches in his rear-view mirror, laughing his head off at your reaction to the atrocious reek as he s-l-o-w-l-y passes your open convertible.