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American Boomtown! Sky-high Wages!

American Boomtown! Sky-high Wages!
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Killing Your Prick-of-a-Hubby with Hammy, Mammy

How's your love-life, Married Ladies? 
Humor by Joan E Thurman

2013-06-06. Girlfriends, have you ever seen, heard, and smelt a truckload of pigs on their way to the house of slaughter?--a hundred unwashed swine squeezed closely together, squealing and incontinent from terror, their pink noses poking through bars of a death-wagon driven by some grinning, drooling human male--who watches in his rear-view mirror, laughing his head off at your reaction to the atrocious reek as he s-l-o-w-l-y passes your open convertible.

Ris Puddic forto Svellan Gudrun

by Joan E Thurman

When some single working women of the 21st-century come home at the end of the day, they come to an empty space. She never was the type to take whatever she could get, so now she makes whatever she gets for herself.

Presently she takes comfort. A bowl of rice pudding ringed with cherries waits for her in the coolest place she knows. She does not gobble it down. Instead, she licks each dip of pudding from the spoon, first back and then front, languorously, until the metal shines.

Joan E knows a secret ingredient that you may want to add--to cure your loneliness. If you figure it out, use it carefully.

Castrate Rapists!

by Joan E Thurman,
Woman's Supremacist and High Priestess
Hand to the Rapist
His Own Testes

I agree with scriptural protocol that any male human who fails to obey the practice of husbandry as dictated by angelic powers in the scriptures of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene should be be flogged, castrated, and handed his own testicles. Until men learn the natural intention of procreation, they must have the fear of the Goddesshead instilled in them should they run amok.

It may seem draconian, but men must be taught their place in the natural order of the sexes by whatever means are required. Too much testosterone spoils the male; rape is the work of the same malevolent forces which nearly drove humanity to extinction.

Putting Your Mother-in-Law Back in the Bumpin Batch

by Joan E Thurman
1015-11-11. Sooner or later, it comes to down to this, Sisters. During the courting phase of your husband hunt, it will become necessary that you, the prospective wife of a well-favored rich male, demonstrate to his mother and assembled family--that you not only are the most attractive, smartest woman that her son has ever fallen in love with, but also that you are a fine patissier and exceedingly gracious too. A patissier is a baker of unparalleled skill.